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shape and tone your body

miyoga 6mm thick ultra comfortable yoga mat with 28 popular yoga poses printed on the mat. Yoga class anywhere, anytime! Simply hold the pose, breath and release. Shape and tone muscles, firm legs, arms, butt, chest and back for a better looking body.

yoga poses included:

side one

  • child pose
  • zen squat
  • upward facing dog
  • camel
  • downward facing dog
  • seated eagle pose
  • lunge
  • seated twist
  • leg lift
  • hip raise
  • leg and arm raise
  • seated v
  • side plank
  • crunch

side two

  • pike
  • low lunge
  • plank leg lift
  • warrior II
  • superwoman
  • triangle
  • bow
  • standing fly
  • supine spine twis
  • standing bow
  • seated hip opener
  • back bend
  • cowface
  • seated side bend
  • 28 Poses Printed on the Yoga Mat
  • Comfortable 6mm Thick Yoga Mat
  • Shape and Tone Muscles
  • Firm Your Arms, Thighs, Calves, Back, Chest and Butt
  • Clean With Mild Soap and Warm Water, Towel Dry
  • 24″ X 72″

Product Details:

24 in. W. X 72 in. L.
6mm Coral Yoga Mat
28 Lavender Poses


Yoga/Health/Fit/Sport Active

created and
designed in USA

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